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6 Marketing Campaigns You Can Run to Generate Revenue Right Now

Playing the long game, building your brand, establishing yourself as an expert, nurturing your leads are all great and proven strategies that every B2B business should be using, but sometimes you just need to generate some activity and revenue fast. Here are six simple campaigns that you can run today to generate some sales.

The premise behind most of these campaigns is that you already have people who are likely to pay money again, but you just haven’t asked them.

Many of them don’t require fancy automations or tools, they’re just straightforward ways to generate some revenue fast.

Campaign #1 – Call your past customers who have not purchased recently

The fastest path to more revenue is through the phone line. For this campaign you are going to call all of your past customers. That’s right, pick up the phone and actually call them. Here’s how it will work …

First, pull a list of all your customers – right from the very beginning. Then remove any customers who are active, whatever that means to you and it will depend on your business and sales cycle.

Once you have a list of all non-current customers, sort them by “last purchase date” with the most recent purchases first. You’ll likely have better luck with the recent past customers so start with them and work your way back to the older ones.

If you don’t have phone numbers for these people find a way to get them. If your customers are other businesses, you can do a Google search, or use one of the many third-party systems out there.

Campaign #2 – Email all past customers

This campaign is intended to support Campaign 1. Start by emailing your past customers on the list you created in that first campaign.

Then, when you call them, tell them you are calling to follow up on the email you sent. This is a warmer way to get into the conversation. And if they haven’t seen that email, they’re more likely to feel obliged to talk to you.

Your email can simply ask them if they have five minutes to hop on the phone to talk about whatever it is that you help them with.

If you weren’t able to find their phone number using other methods, you can ask them the best number to reach them at in the email.

Campaign #3 – Calling your ideal customers and asking for a referral

Your ideal customers are best defined as those customers who are most profitable and who refer business to you. In most companies, this accounts for about 20%. They already love you and you love them because they are profitable and would love to have more customers like them.

In this campaign, you’re going to simply call those folks up and ask them if they know anyone who has a similar problem as them who they could refer you to. Here’s a sample script:

Hi Dan, it’s Michael. Did I catch you at a bad time?
OK great, thanks. As the month/quarter/year winds down, we’re looking to bring in one or two more clients that we can help. I was calling to see if you had anyone in your network that could use our services. Totally no pressure, but you’re one of our best clients and we’d love to have more like you. Referrals are a great way for us to grow with great people.

(Discuss the fit if they have anyone)

Awesome. Are you open to making a 3-way email introduction?

Perfect! Once I get that introduction, I’ll personally respond. And if we end up working together, I’ll let you know. No matter what happens, I’ll let you know what happens with the relationship.

Campaign #4 Calling warm leads

There are all kinds of fancy, high-tech ways to nurture and warm a lead, but one of the most direct and simplest ways is using the phone.

Depending on your business, you’ll need to define which leads are the warmest. If you don’t have a formal way to score leads consider those who have had a sales conversation but not purchased, or have downloaded something from your website, or attended on online demo.

However you determine the list, get that list and then, pick up the phone and call them. Have a sales conversation. Task yourself to call 5 or 10 leads a day. If you aren't the person who has the sales conversations then maybe delegate that to the right team member. Keep doing it until you achieve your revenue goal.

Campaign #5 – Email all warm leads with a promotion

Once you’ve finished your phone campaigns and exhausted all your past clients and leads, you can move onto a larger-scale email campaign.

Try hosting a live webinar. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Create a 30-minute webinar that provides 2-3 pieces of useful information for your target audience.

Create a compelling title that will grab their attention – hint make it about how they can get a big problem solved, not how awesome you are (unless that is a direct link to their problem).

Then you’re going to send a minimum of three emails out to those same people you’ve been calling and you can expand the list a bit if you like.

Sent the emails out over the course of a week and hold the webinar within 10 days of the first email.

In the webinar, after providing the value transition to call-to-action. To sign up for a free trial, or book a strategy call, whatever that logical step is to move them to the next stage in the buying process.

If webinars aren’t something you can do, you can use this strategy using another promotion. It could be a useful tool they can download or a discount.

Be careful with discounts. Use them sparingly and make sure you aren’t running campaigns that don’t actually make you any money because of the discounts.

Campaign #6 – Increase your price by your profit margin

If you sell a product with a profit margin less than 30%, consider increasing your product price by your profit margin. That will mean customers are paying marginally more for your product but you're receiving double the profit.

For example, if you sell a something for $100 that costs $85 to produce and deliver, increasing your price to $115 doubles your profit.

You can take steps to justify the price increase by increasing the perceived value of your product. Consider adding in bonuses or tweaks to packaging that don’t cost you money. Maybe add additional ancillary services. You could also try running a partner marketing campaign and providing coupons for other businesses’ services in exchange for granting them access to your customers.

Think about all the different ways that you can increase the perceived value of your product so you can justify your price increase, and quickly and easily double your profits.

Give these marketing campaigns a try and watch your grow revenue right now. But keep in mind, these are not a replacement for a proper marketing strategy. Done right, they’ll provide you with a quick boost of cash, but they won’t work month-after-month.

For that kind of predictable growth you need a proven marketing system. Did I mention, I can help you with that? Learn how here.